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With 1000s of retail jobs being abolished, the pool of job seekers has never been so buoyant. For many restaurateurs, the Government’s plan to kickstart the hospitality sector on 12 April is comparable to using a defibrillator to revive a cardiac patient. It will be sudden, and crucially important for its survival. Using this opportunity to be selective in filling vacant roles will aid in the recovery. Implementing structures that are considerate to changes in consumer behaviours will ensure long-term business health.

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With this in mind, it’s probably best to start by reflecting on how Covis-19 has briskly altered consumer behaviours & expectations. Followed by what fundamental transformations are required to surpass these new expectations. Finally, how to align the team’s processes to match these changes in behaviours.

Building the team around these new plans will help improve communication and set expectations from day one of reopening. It’s been said, those who get this evaluation right will fleurish. Those who go back to their old, outdated ways are prone to long-term malaise within their business.

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When going through this reflection process, we encourage restaurateurs to focus on every step of their guest’s journey. Here’s our observations.

Greeting Guests

With every inch of space at a premium due to limited capacity and social distancing, no one can afford to allow customers to walk away when maximum capacity has been met. Having a queuing system that allows guests to join a queue and be notified when their space is ready is crucial to maximise revenue during busy times. Minimising friction and interaction with staff allow the team to concentrate on the guest experience, not stress over organisational matters.

The Menu

Having printed menus passed on from guest to guest falls short of consumer expectation and can be interpreted as a Covid-hazard for both the team and guests. Although single use, disposable menus, can be helpful to anyone uncomfortable with using a smart device, the vast majority of guests have access to, and are comfortable with using their smartphone. QR Code menus are Covid-safe menus. A QR restaurant can easily display unavailable items without the need of communicating with each team member one-by-one. No more frustrations between the floor and kitchen staff.

Taking Orders

Some establishments want to allow guests to order from their smart device and for their order to automatically be printed in the kitchen without requiring staff interaction. Other restaurants want their QR Code menus to simply display the menu while a team member guides their guests through the ordering process at their table. Tapas houses for example, may have the requirement to take a full order but release dishes systematically to the kitchen as and when they are needed. Having a digital menu that suits the restaurants service behaviours is a life-changer for everyone; especially the kitchen team. Contact us to discuss your service requirements.

“Guests never have to ask twice for something or interrupt a conversation to catch a team member’s attention.”

The Service

Giving guests the ability to request for water, a waiter or the bill in the palm of the guest’s hands has multiple benefits. Guests never have to ask twice for something or interrupt a conversation to catch a team member’s attention. From the team’s perspective, it’s proven to reduce anxiety and improve the work-environment.

The Bill

Do guests really want to be touching a credit card terminal that everyone else has touched? Does the team really need the added responsibility to disinfecting the terminal each time someone touched it? Do guests trust it’s been disinfected? The process of requesting, reviewing and paying the bill needs to be 100% contactless. For savvy restaurateurs, there is also a requirement to be inexpensive. Providing guests with a quick, easy, contactless way to request & review their bill at the table is crucial. Allowing them to then use Apple Pay, Google Pay and other recognised payment methods is simply the way of the future.

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Digital queues

Restaurateurs who focus on exploring these fundamental shifts in guest behaviours and are considerate to their guests new expectations will come back to life while future-proofing their hospitality business. The thought process will help attract and retain the right team members and have a less-stressed kitchen team. Unfortunately, the future for those who pick up where they left off, and who are unwilling to embrace technology, is far less certain.

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