Remote work is the future, but Should Your Restaurant Go Remote?

Saying that the last twelve months have been interesting could be the understatement of the decade. Never before had the world experienced a complete, synchronised lockdown. Every now and then we experimented with going back to a regular life, only to find out that no, we were not ready.

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Needless to say, this has been a disaster for the hospitality industry. This time however, it looks like the tide is turning. The vaccination campaign has dramatically reduced the number of new daily cases, and the end of the tunnel is now in sight.

According to the Government plan to fight the pandemic, as soon as the 12th of April, restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outdoors, and a bit later, on the 17th of May we may go back to regular, indoor service.

Things, however, are going to be and feel different for a while. During all this time, most customers will have developed some reasonable, and life-saving, skepticism to being indoors with a large number of people, or having to get in close contact with strangers. Your business will have to adapt.

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Hold on to Digital Menus

Digital menus, or QR-code menus, were already starting to grow in popularity before the pandemic. They are everywhere in some parts of the globe, and it was only a matter of time before they would conquer the Western world.

From a health & safety point of view, digital menus represent the state of the art. Literally contactless, every customer will be able to browse it from the comfort and security of their own personal device.

For restaurants, digital menus provide numerous advantages:

  • Experiment with your menu very quickly. Add and remove products as you wish, change the order and measure performances.

  • Clearly mark items as unavailable.

  • Say goodbye to reprints (or worse, markers) for typos.

ORDR is a leading provider of digital menu services. Our menus are blazing quick and work in poor connectivity areas. No app or download is required to see the menu. No signup form or email subscription is required.

Scan the QR code, browse the menu. Plus, with ORDR, your customers can also order and pay directly from their smartphones. The orders will be automatically printed in the kitchen, further reducing the need for close contact. All of this in your customer preferred language with our translated menus!

“If you haven’t tried yet, you should definitely experiment with digital queues.”

Say hello to click-and-collect

For a while, a fair number of people will not feel comfortable visiting your restaurant. However, they may still crave your delicacies. Today, the obvious solutions are food delivery platforms. Yet, the costs linked to using these are enormous for both the restaurant (up to 30% of orders total) and for the user (up to 25% increase in products cost).

Technology, as the one provided by ORDR, now allows restaurants to receive fully paid orders online from their customers, and have _them_ come and collect it once the food is ready. You’ll both save monies, and they will be happy to have one more reason to have a walk.

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Digital queues

You know the horrible feeling of finally getting to your favourite restaurant and seeing a massive queue sitting out of there? Ugh.

Things can only get worse if you imagine that people will have built a resistance to stay in crowded places. Plus, it is likely that preventive measures for COVID will require restaurants to increase the distance between tables, reducing the number of available covers, putting more pressure on the outside queue.

If you haven’t tried yet, you should definitely experiment with digital queues.

With a digital queue, the customer gets to your restaurant, and doesn’t get scared by the sight of a large crowd waiting. They can “self-enqueue” with a QR code, and track their position with an SMS link.

They are then free to walk around. Once their table is ready, tap a button and they will be called back to your restaurant.

ORDR is all of this, and much more. Powerful multi-location reporting, deliveries management, digital payments.

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