Signing out of ORDR

Learn how to securely sign out of your ORDR account when you've completed your session.

Ensuring your ORDR account is secure is a top priority. One way to maintain this security is by properly signing out of the system after each session. This guide will take you through the simple process of how to sign out from the ORDR system.

Signing out fully terminates the session and requires you to authenticate again with your full credentials to access the system. If you instead want to lock your session only requiring a PIN to unlock, please see the Changing user guide.

Locating the sign-out button

The Sign out link is at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Signing Out

Upon clicking the Sign out link, you should be redirected back to the ORDR sign-in page. This confirms that you have successfully signed out of your account.

Why Sign Out?

It’s crucial to sign out of your ORDR account when you’ve finished your session, especially if you’re using a shared device. This simple step protects your account from unauthorized access and keeps your personal information secure.

Signing Back In

When you’re ready to start a new session, refer to the Signing in to ORDR guide for a refresher on how to access your account.

Signing out or locking your session?

If you’re unsure whether you should sign out or lock your session, consider the following:

  • Sign out if you’re using a shared device or are concerned about the security of your account.
  • Lock your session if you’re in the middle of a session and need to step away from your device for a short period of time.

Getting Help

If you’re experiencing any difficulties with the sign-out process or have any security concerns, please reach out to your restaurant manager or contact the ORDR support team for assistance.