Assign a QR code to a table

To ready your tables for online ordering, you need to assign a QR code to each table.

Each table in your restaurant can be assigned a unique QR code through ORDR. These codes are produced, printed and shipped to you on durable plastic cards or stickers. Displaying these QR codes on your tables allows customers to access the digital menu and place orders directly from their smartphones.

Order your cards and stickers

To order QR code cards or stickers, you will need to contact ORDR’s support team. They will be able to assist you in placing your order and ensure you receive your QR codes as quickly as possible.

Assigning a QR code

To assign a QR code to a table, you will need to access the Edit Table page:

  1. From your ORDR dashboard, navigate to the Tables page.
  2. Select the table to which you want to assign a QR code.
  3. Click the Edit table button, located near the top right of the page.
  4. Once you have reached this page, you will be able to see the settings for the table, one of which being Table QR code. The list will contain available QR codes that have not yet been assigned to any other table.
  5. Select the QR code you wish to assign to the table.
  6. Click Confirm to save your changes.

Bulk QR code assignment

If you have a large number of tables that need assignment, ORDR has a special feature that allows you to quickly assign QR codes with the help of a smartphone.

This feature is particularly useful during the initial setup of ORDR, as it allows you to assign QR codes to your tables quickly and efficiently.

Before you begin

Before starting the bulk assignment process ensure that you have a smartphone or table available. You will need to use the camera on your device to scan the QR codes.

Ensure you have enough QR codes for all your tables, then start spreading them or sticking them on your tables. You don’t have to follow a particular pattern or order, just make sure that each table has a card or sticker on it.

Accessing the QR code bulk assigner

  1. Access the General settings for your location. You can find these under Restaurant settings in your left side menu.
  2. At the bottom of the page click on Open the QR code assigner.

The scanner has been specifically designed to work on a smartphone or tablet. If you reach it from a desktop you will be shown a single use QR code that you can scan with your smartphone to automatically open the scanner on your mobile device.

Assigning QR codes

Once the scanner has been opened on your mobile device it will ask you to scan the QR code on a specific table, then move on to the next one. The process will continue until all tables have been assigned a QR code, skipped or you have exited the scanner.

Need help?

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions about assigning QR codes, feel free to reach out to ORDR’s support team. They’re available to assist you and ensure your experience with the ORDR platform is seamless.