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ORDR gives your restaurant time back to spend with customers.

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Seamless integration

Automation, step-by-step.

ORDR runs alongside your restaurant, assisting rather than rewriting your existing prep-workflow.

Clipboard iconIcon indicates ability to join a queue.

Customers join a queue

Let customers take care of queuing. They join your queue, and we send reminders to their phones when their table is ready.

Sushi iconIcon indicates ability to order food.

Order food autonomously

Customers order through picture based, internationalised menu's on their phone without any app or login.

Hand mixer iconIcon indicates food being prepared.

Orders appear seamlessly

Items appear at separate station tablets around your restaurant auto-magically, with no waiter interaction.

customers at the door

Queuing. Let the customer take care of it.

Let customers join your queue autonomously, freeing up service staff time.

Customers join without any app downloads or any signup process. They get updates via SMS informing them of their table and return to your restaurant when their table is ready.

All without staff interaction.

customers at the table

Autonomous ordering.

Your customers decide when and what they order, using multi-language photo menus, freeing up precious service staff time.

Customers can pay through Apple Pay or Google Pay, all without any app downloads or any signup process.

On average, restaurants save 0.6% on transaction fees through our platform.

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£405 saved

Monthly fees

120 hours



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for you and your staff

Before ORDR: Menu, staff, payment integration, queuing system, taxing, customer receipts, more paper than a forest. Stress.

Using ORDR: Everything in one place, everything is clear and paper-free; your mind is free. Calm.

All our software is written by us, in London, and works as you expect: easily.

Your menu: changed instantly.

Update your menu availability, price and information in multiple languages without expensive reprints.

One place, not all over the place.

Front-of-house, service, and kitchen staff, all have their own user interface that works on any device to make their jobs easier.

End-of-day bookkeeping, a thing of the past.

All accounting: cash, card, Apple and Google Pay, are associated to the relevant receipt with all taxing calculated for you automatically.

Your customers even get their receipt sent to them automatically.

Built for teams of all sizes, for all restaurants.

Whether you are a team of one taking on the world of food, or an established chain, ORDR scales to suit your needs.

Be in the know.

ORDR knows about customer eating habits, daily takings, even how much tax to pay. Accessible through visual, downloadable, reports.

One system. One price.

Includes every feature we have, plus unlimited users, unlimited workstations, and unlimited items on your menu.

On-boarding. Helped by our team.

We assist you with a guided setup to create your menu, kitchen and queuing system as you want. Guidance for professional photos, help with internationalising your menu to various languages, and showing you how to access your daily reports and bookkeeping.

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