Restaurant Queueing for your customers. No app required.

Let customers remotely queue for your restaurant by scanning a QR code or directly from Google Maps. They can see how many people are in front of them and be notified via SMS.

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ORDR restaurant queuing

Join a queue in seconds

Customers need only scan a QR at your door. They are kept up to date about their table via SMS, and can see how many people are in front of them.

Governments are allowing restaurants to open with social distance rules. ORDR helps your restaurant with these rules.
ORDR queuing system

Contact-free and app-free

With our simple SMS based technology, there are no apps to download, encouraging your customers to join the queue quickly, without needing to interact with a host keeping everyone safer during and after COVID.

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You have joined the queue for a table at Entre Vinos, Islington Park.

You will receive another SMS when your table is ready, and will have 10 minutes to come to the restaurant.

Add comments by replying.

View your position:

Can we get a table next to the window please 🙂

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

Using your ORDR Hub, you see all customers in the queue, can leave comments, make them VIP and update their table status.

Customers are updated via SMS. All this means more time for your front-of-house, and less no-shows.

Assign emojis to customers 🍸 and VIP's ⭐️

Add comments to customers

Add customers via ORDR Hub

Track and update waiting times

Let customers join or leave by themselves

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Queuing reports and analytics

In-depth hourly analytics allow you to track your busiest and quietest times of the day, and the week, all via the ORDR Hub.

Let customers see how busy you are

Optionally, you can let your customers see how many people are waiting, and let them join even if they are not physically at your restaurant.

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